Radical More Cash

Manufacturer: Radical


 While the original Cash was and still is the hookingest ball ever made, we have figured out a way to improve on it by keeping the total hook the same and just increasing the backend reaction. More Cash delivers by offering a bit more length, a lot more backend reaction, and most importantly, more continuation. So who wants More Cash? Savvy bowlers do, that’s for sure.



Ball Name: More Cash™
Part Number: 60105961
Color: Navy / Teal Solid
Core: Asymmetric
RG Int: 0.020
RG Min: 2.504
Differential: 0.048
Factory Finish: 500 & 2,000 Siaair Micro Pad

RG Chart

RG      Int         RG Min     RG Diff
16lb    0.020      2.499      0.048
15lb    0.020      2.504      0.048
14lb    0.020      2.527      0.048